The great hobby: Pirate Radio on short- and mediumwave

On this photo's you can see my listening sets and antennas
for listening to the Pirate Radio Stations on short- and  
To the receivers are connected different antennas, at the 
Yaesu FRG-8800 is an inverted-v special configured for the
48m-band. On the Yaesu FRG-7700 is a 60m lonwire connected
with which i'm listening below 6mhz. The Philips D-2999 is
very sensitive to medium wave, I use this with a 20m wire.

Radio pirates can be found in different frequency ranges.
These ranges are roughly listed in the following table
Medium Wave
1600-1750 khz
Above the official medium wave range are several pirates, mainly from the Netherlands, Serbia
and Greece. The dutch pirates using mainly the range 1600-1660khz, the serbian 1660-1680khz and
the greek pirate are mainly above the 1680khz.
90 metres
3350-3400 khz
First tests are noted in this range from the dutch stations Mike Radio and Kachelboer.
76 metres
3900-4050 khz
This band is mainly used in the late afternoon and evening hours. The official 75m-band is also
in this area, the pirates are more likely to use the 3900-3950khz and 4000-4050khz ranges.
60 metres
4950-5150 khz
Due to rather bad conditions in the 48m band, this band is relatively new found by European
pirates. Even with low power, large distances can be bridged. Some stations use this area,
e.g. Dance Wave, Radio 319 and Charleston Radio.
52 metres
5750-5850 khz
Some stations can be found in this range.
48 metres
6200-6400 khz
This is the main band of European pirates. Here are usually daily broadcasts to report at
different times. Due to poor conditions for short distances, tape openings are usually used
immediately to turn on the transmitter.Radio 319 and Charleston Radio.
39 metres
7450-7750 khz
Due to poor conditions for short distances, this band is currently rarely used.

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